Overcoming the Internet Challenges with Instanet

Overcoming the Internet Challenges with Instanet

Internet Challenges

When it comes to any remote operation, say Virtual classes or development in the Information technology domain, we need the Internet. 

Internet is becoming one of the unavoidable need of everyone’s day-to-day life. 

The Internet has transformed the computer and networking world in ways that have never been seen before. 

Let us see some statistics.

A study shows that in January 2021, there were 4,66 billion active internet users, which is  59.5% of the world’s population. Source: Statista

 Between 2020 and 2021, the number of Indian internet users grew by 47 million (+8.2 per cent). Source: Datareportal

The outbreak of the Pandemic is one of the reasons that paved way for the rapid increase in the number of Internet users.

The nature and the workability of every work varies. 

A school student requires Internet access to attend his online classes. Similarly, a teacher requires the Internet to conduct online classes. An IT Professional needs the Internet to use the internet-based software and any CRM. A banker needs Internet access to validate his computations. A learner needs Internet access to expand the knowledge he can gain from the world. 

Every individual has unique purposes. And the Internet is playing a major role in our everyday lives. 

What more is fascinating than the fact that without the Internet the world would come to a standstill!

As the pandemic has hit us hard, one of the main sources that have not stopped getting the revenue is the job opportunities that use the Internet to operate remotely to get things done. These jobs mainly depend on the Internet and all the transactions happen only through the online medium. 

When the Internet goes blank, all the tasks come to a stop resulting in the stumbling of the entire workflow. 

Some of the tasks that need to be done on the move like live video shoots, live broadcasting, etc can be affected b the poor quality of the Internet. 

Companies that have undertaken different projects in remote parts of the world have often been on the search for a reliable source of the internet that will help prevent hampering the work process. 

We have brought a solution to these issues!

The company, CD Tech Innovations, has launched Instanet recently which is an Internet aggregating equipment. 

We call it, ‘the Instant Internet Generator’ as the equipment produces a smooth pipeline of the Internet using five different bonding techniques. 

It comes with four in-built modems where any different Sim card can be inserted. Instanet is also able to combine mobile internet with your existing broadband and wireless networks for extra speed.

How does it work?

Instanet creates a direct TCP and UDP encrypted path to the Instacore server via every 4G connection. The INSTACORE Bonding server blends these links to a single unified tunnel to transmit any type of data seamlessly, whether TCP or UDP.

Who can use Instanet?

Instanet has found its applications in various sectors. Hospitals, Churches, Companies, Schools, Videographers, Solution Providers, Event Managers, Streaming Networks, and many individuals also use Instanet for mission-critical scenarios as well as to do their chores that require surplus Internet at ease. 

This east-to-carry Internet Generator is available for booking at Instanet.livebox.us

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