How to stream church services online?

How to stream church services online?

stream church services

Nothing can ever replace the tranquillity that is felt while at Church! 

But we have all been attending services through online portals ever since the pandemic broke out. 

However, many Churches and Global Gospel associations have already been on to the livestreaming platform even before the outbreak of the pandemic.

One cannot ignore the fact that 2020 is a year that, you can say, forced many churches to conduct online services, provided their church members could be connected virtually at least! 

It was indeed hard for some of the churches and their members who were not well aware of what the Internet can do for them. Slowly and gradually the number of churches that used online portals to conduct services increased. 

One of the global churches has stated that ‘Livestreaming the services online has increased the digital donations by 70%’

It is not only about donations! Live streaming has paved the way for 44% of the members who could not physically attend the services to get the message from wherever they are!

Read this article to the end to learn about the ways you can live stream effectively.

Live video streaming

A lion’s share of members will be opting for watching live services at the church. It will be a great option for the members to watch the services live through online portals. 

As most of the world governments forbid people to have mass gatherings, this is a great option to feel the essence of mass worship as it happens. 

On-demand video streaming

Livebox gives you the storage facility to store your videos on the cloud. As the server is securely encrypted, this is a safer option to store your videos and stream them later when needed. The members also get access to your on-demand videos by visiting your Websites.

Getting Online Donations

It is important to talk about donations here. Donations, which we call our contribution to the ministry, should reach the church as it is the only source of income the church has to manage all the expenses. 

Create a safer pathway to get online donations. Livebox makes sure that everything falls into one place to make things easier for you.

Setting up online stores

Churches can also sell bibles, CDs, DVDs, Books, Posters and other similar items online that are available for sale. As you sign up with Livebox, Livebox allows you to open your online store with secure payment gateway options. 

This can also be done by integrating it with your already existing website. If you don’t have any, Livebox builds a fully functional website with all the needed integrations.

What are the other ways you can stream church services?

Streaming through Mobile Applications

Look around. It will be hard to find anyone without a smartphone! It is a good idea to stream the live services using Mobile Applications on PlayStore. 

Customised mobile apps with the name and logo of the churches will do the job! As you can see, this is the most convenient option.

Streaming through Websites

Some of the churches telecast the services and events online through websites while some do not have a website on their own! In the internet-centred world, Websites are the faces of every organization! 

Creating a customised website is an essential part of establishing the online presence of your church. Livebox subscription also comes with

Streaming through TV channels

The most conventional form of mass communication! Managing a TV channel can sometimes turn out to be tiresome! With Livebox it is not. The Server allows you to create and manage any number of channels. 

You don’t need to be out there, sitting in front of the computer and broadcast 24*7. Playout software will save your time by automatically streaming all your videos one by one.

Streaming through Social Media

Social Media is a boon when it comes to streaming live. It is the simplest option provided it is used efficiently. Streaming simultaneously to all your social media accounts and monitoring for technical issues is taken care of by Livebox. 

Every media platform can not be all-time functional and out-of technical issues. Technical assistance is highly needed when you stream your live services. This will be taken care of when you use Livebox. 

Hope the article helped!

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