Services offered at CDTECH

Network infrastructure Architecting, Consulting and Implementation

Complete planning and implementation of Distributed System Architecture Planning and implementing the wireless networks.

We use specialized Signal detection kit.

  • Implementation of wireless security WEP, WPA2 .
  • Providing network equipments such as routers, access points, planning network infrastructure, setting up active directory, managing users.

Security consulting and service

  • CDTECH offers Information security consulting and services that caters to your information and business security needs. The security service was established to address the growing need of organizations to understand and manage security at all levels within an organization.
  • We are providing International Security Standards.

ERP / CRM implementation services

  • Enterprise Modeling Services have the expertise to create data models necessary for your ever changing business requirements.
  • Enterprise Modeling is the process to develop a technology independent information Blueprint for the Enterprise.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning systems are integrated information systems within an enterprise that serves all the departments. ERP solutions help you automate your business processes and give you an edge over your customers.
  • Our ERP services have helped many customers to reduce their total cost of ownership by maintaining or enhancing the quality of service. Our services are focused on performance improvement, cost reduction, operational efficiency and integration of business applications ensuring that your ERP applications are always up and running.

Our ERP services include

Implementation & Support Services

  • Functional Consulting
  • Support and Maintenance o Project Management

ERP Consulting on New Dimensions

  • All enterprise services and modeling activities are conducted by enterprise modeling experts via Joint Application Design (JAD) sessions with client participation.
  • ERP is a business management system which integrates all factors of a business like planning, manufacturing, sales and marketing.
  • An ERP solution helps to share data of the enterprise between various levels and its people.
  • Our ERP solutions are used to improve the integration of your business planning and implementation with latest technology.
  • Better use of the resources and increase productivity.
  • Using ERP Solutions you can save cost and improve employee satisfaction.

Business Process Modeling

  • Business Process Modeling is the activity of representing both the current and future processes of an enterprise so that the current process may be analyzed and improved.
  • Business Process Modeling(BPM) plays an important role in Business Process Management.

Software development

  • Our ERP Solutions cover Supply Chain Management.

Customer Relationship Management

  • Customer Relationship Management is a technology tool which is most important for any regional or global enterprise.
  • CRM is "Managing your Customers" .
  • CRM is a business strategy that aims to understand and manage the needs of the organization’s current and potential customers.
  • The value of CRM is to transform strategy, operational processes and business functions inorder to retain the customers and increase customer loyalty and profitability.
  • Using CRM solutions you can improve customer satisfaction and also create individual customer relationship. It also helps the enterprise to improve the accounts and sales management by optimizing information which can be shared by all the concerned departments.

Media Conversion Services: Bulk media conversion and replication services from any format to any format!

  • Performing various conversions like VHS tape to VCD, VHS tape to DVD, audio and video tapes, audio cassette to CD, Video Tape Duplication, cassettes to audio CD, DVD to VCD/Video Tape, DVD to DVD Duplication, VCD to VCD Duplication.
  • Media conversion offers a service to convert or transfer your video or audio cassette tape to VCD (Video CD)/DVD/CD at affordable price and of professional quality.
  • Disc to Disc duplication(DVD /CD Copy) also available.
  • Back up or copy your DVDs.DVD Duplications are also available. Make a backup of your favorite movies for safekeeping.
  • Betacam, U-matic, Hi-8, Mini-DV, MPEG (1,2,3,4), AVI, Divx , Flash, Quick time, etc.,

Bring your still photos to live!

  • Transform your digital photos to DVD videos with background music and share them with friends or relatives.
  • Store all your important documents/Certificates into CD for permanent storage. Stored images can be printed out at any time when you need it.
  • Store all your favorite photos/pictures into CD to protect your memorable moments.
  • You can redevelop all your photos at any time at any photo studios by just producing this CD.

Restoration of old photos, old slides, old films, old documents, converted to new photos and Videos and Documents

  • Just Scan and send it to us. Normally we send it to you within one working day. In case it takes longer we inform you immediately of the time and charges it would take.

Converting Black and White photos, Slides and Films to Color

  • Scan and send the photos, Slides and Films to us we convert it into a color photo, slide or Video and send it you.

Audio Visual Equipment rental services

Do you want today’s technology right on your desk tomorrow? Take it on rent with CDTECH.

  • The name says it all; CDTECH is one of the most credible names in India in IT and also in audio-visual rental/hire industry. You are assured to find the best and recent technologies right here at CDTECH.

Our market offerings are upgraded regularly to provide you the best of the equipments at extremely reasonable rates.

  • Rental of Visual equipment devices like Computers, Laptops rental, LCD Projectors, Audio Visual rental, Flat Display rental, Plasma Display rental, Printer, DVD, VCR etc., for presentation.
  • One phone is all it takes to fill your short term technology needs at reasonable prices without sacrificing service and attention to all.

Fully fledged Video studio suite for corporate media services

  • We have maintained the highest standards in providing a full service, professional facility for audio production, MIDI, video lockup etc.,

Outsourced marketing services

  • Outsourced marketing services can expand the reach of companies allowing their products and services to penetrate into offices and homes for potential buyers across the world.
  • CDTECH provides marketing management, communications and creative services to companies without a dedicated marketing professional. It also provides extremely cost effective.
  • It also controls fixed cost, reduce variable cost, reduce your risk, increase cost effectiveness and efficiency etc.,

Web development services

  • Web development using latest technologies like Microsoft Flash, Silverlight etc.,
  • Specialist in SOA (Service Oriented Architecture).

Web development services

  • The concept of E-Commerce is about using the internet to do business better and faster.
  • E-Commerce connects your business to internet for highest optimization of your products and services.