Industry Domains

Health care

  • Our softwares are used in health care and hospitality especially the SMS software and medical oncology.
  • Our softwares are used to set reminders for patients, to send SMS to unlimited number of patients simultaneously.
  • Billing softwares are used to print patients bill and also to maintain a database for patients. When you enter a particular patients name, the entire details of the patient will be displayed. Updates can be easily made using the Billing software.
  • Our softwares used in hospitals will automatically respond to queries made by unlimited number of customers at a time
  • E-mail all softwares are used to send superfast and bulk E-mail in HTML or Text format for patients. You can schedule the messages to be sent in advance.
  • We have separate special softwares for Oncologist (MedOnc) and Gynacologist(MedGyn).
  • Medical oncology software is used mainly in hospitals for cancer patients.
  • The patients image is captured using webcam.
  • The part affected by the cancer is marked using a stylus on a skeletal image and stored in the database.
  • The patients report can be easily viewed by entering his/her name in their next visit.
  • Medical oncology software is used to enhance cancer treatment process in a cost effective manner.
  • The software allows indepth analysis and study through statistical reports on various activities involved in the cancer treatment process.
  • Medical Oncology Software automatically calculates and provides prescription based on the diagnosis.
  • MedOnc automatically sends alerts to patients for checkup.
  • Provide better service to your patients by sending them SMS and reminding them to take their medication.
  • Send E-Mail, SMS, Automatic Phone reminders at any time for any purpose.

HR Services

  • Our Softwares are used to convey interview dates, send offer letters and notify employers about available employee opportunities.
  • We help you to maintain relationship with your clients.

Packers and Movers

  • SMS softwares are used in communication of the customers.
  • SMS softwares are used in Communication of important announcement to customers. SMS softwares are used to send invitations for the customers.


  • Easily reach more clients using our softwares.
  • Provide better services to your existing clients.
  • We take Hospitality services to the next level.

Super Markets

  • Billing and SMS softwares are more frequently used softwares in super markets.
  • Our softwares are used to set stock alerts, to inform about new festive offers and to maintain daily reports etc.,
  • The aim of the softwares are to keep customers up to date with company news , products or service update, relevant information about their accounts or to send notifications for important events.
  • Billing softwares are used in supermarkets to create efficient and quick bills to customers.


  • Our Softwares for managing your restaurant more better!
  • Our softwares are used to display the latest special items in high class restaurants.
  • Billing softwares are used to print the bills including VAT(Value Added Tax).

Stock brokers

  • Our softwares are used to send instant notifications about the prices of the stocks.


  • SMS softwares like SMS @LL, SMS Interactor, SMS Broadcaster are new softwares with excellent opportunities for direct interaction with customers to aware them about any new product/service or offers.
  • Used in Communication of new scheme announcements, communication of special promotion to customers, communication of last dates of special offers, special event invitations and reminders.

Real Estate

Real Estate prices may go up and down but our softwares will instantly inform you no matter where you are.

  • Communicate with all your clients regarding land prices when you are on the move.
  • Business Integrator softwares are used to create smartest database in real estate.
  • This software improves administrative efficiency.
  • This software is used to build current and future projects.
  • This software is easy to use and fast to deploy.
  • SMS Softwares are used to set reminders, to send messages to customers in real estates.