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Live Webcasting solution

The IVB7 Live webcasting solutions were first engineered by CDTECH and its group companies. Through IVB7 webcasting products, CDTECH has transformed the businesses of hundreds of customers across the globe.

Field Staff Management

Manage your field-staff easily. Track them through GPS. Get the customer order, complaints, field report, payment confirmation or just any information from your outdoor employees instantly. This is an ON-DEMAND service.

Media Conversion and Editing

Over 30 years of experience in broadcast industry. Media Conversion – all formats; Replication services, Audio-visual equipment rental services, Video Editing Suite, etc. and all types of media related services are handled.

Corporate SMS Solutions

Comprehensive SMS solutions for corporates and businesses are available. We provide bulk SMS solutions, Short code services, Sending/Receiving SMS, Virtual Sim card hosting. Call now to know how you can use our services.

Why Choose CDTECH?

Stream your videos at High Quality (HD) using professional cameras and Hi-Tech broadcast equipments. We take care of meeting your Video Streaming, Webcasting or Video conferencing needs from start to finish. Know more...